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Calderas Fontanet

Our company is based in the City of Rafaela, which is strategically located on the main MERCOSUR dairy area. The city is connected to the whole country and the neighboring countries through the National Road No. 34. Its location can also be considered strategic in terms of accessibility to ports in the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, as it is located on the trade route that connects to them.

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Ángel y Francisco Fontanet SRL intimately links its growth to the potential of its employees and the value that each one adds.

We believe that the company staff is the most valuable resource available to the organization, and aware of this, we encourage and contribute to their personal and professional growth and development.

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Banking and Tax Data

Banking data:

Account holder: Ángel and Francisco Fontanet S.R.L.
Cuit: 33-50070552-9
Bank: ICBC
Account Type: Current Account in Pesos
Account No.: 0823/02102456/49
Uniform Banking Code (CBU): 01508237/02000102456491

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