Post-Sale Service

Spare parts:
We provide all replacement accessories required by our boilers and other brands.

Technical support:
For better customer service, we provide fast, professional and efficient solutions. We have a technical support department with adequate infrastructure and our own specialized technical personnel permanently standing by.

We have developed a network of contacts in every front across the country and even abroad, through our authorized service providers, to provide the support required by our customers.

To contact our Technical Support call 03492-504800 (rollover lines), mobile 03492-15672131 or e-mail

We project a long lifespan for
our boilers with regular maintenance.

Calderas Fontanet

Services Offering

Engineering support:
  • Analysis of existing facilities.
  • In situ engineering and monitoring labor.
  • Engineering for the development of equipment.
  • Technical advice on boiler installations and assemblies.
  • Study of causes to prevent the occurrence of other malfunctions.

  • Changes, Boring and Welding in the plate-tube junction.
  • Changes or repairs to refractory or insulating coatings.
  • Modification or replacement of switchboards and wiring.
  • Modifications to the combustion systems.
  • Change of plain and corrugated furnaces.
  • Modifications or replacement of other pressure parts and external to the generator.
Maintenance of equipment:
  • General inspections of equipment.
  • Startup.
  • Opening of manways and doors for cleaning and inspection.
  • Verification of the correct operation of all field elements.
  • Thickness measurements by ultrasound control.
  • Performance measurement.
  • Analysis of gases and regulation of combustion supplying a technical report.
  • Hydrostatic pressure test.
  • Calibration of safety valves in pneumatic bench.
  • Qualification of boilers before pertinent organizations.
  • Courses and training at our premises or our customer premises.

the industry

With experienced instructors, Calderas Fontanet is able to cover all training needs. Our company provides courses control and maintenance in boiler rooms, intermittent monitoring of boilers and water treatment. These courses are offered following an annual plan that is available for consultation on our website. They have been scheduled dates at various points inside the country to achieve closer to all our customers.

Calderas Fontanet

follow Calderas Fontanet's
training courses every year.

Calderas Fontanet