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We are a company that since 1926 generate energy, with experience, quality, and constant innovation, offering professional attention and a service according to the need of every client.


Establish the Fontanet brand as the undisputed leader in the production of boilers, constantly improving the quality of our products, manufacturing processes, after sales service and welfare of our staff.


Since 1926, Fontanet Boilers offers solutions in the efficient generation of energy.

The story begins to be written midway through the 20's in a small workshop located in the city of Rafaela under the name of "Ángel Fontanet e Hijos", a family business that began modestly at the hands of Don Ángel Fontanet.

At first the company focused its production in the construction of small vertical boilers and presses for caseins, mainly supplying small dairy businesses of Rafaela and the region.

Over time, the company has been expanding its offers into new sectors such as the chemical, petrochemical, food, textile and the timber industry, among others.

Our teams have crossed international borders and are recognized in markets such as Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Egypt, Honduras, Sri Lanka, and the Czech Republic, among others.

The present

Despite the economic ups and downs experienced by the country over the last decades, the company maintains the momentum that was imprinted by its founder Don Ángel Fontanet.

The advances in manufacturing processes, fidelity to standards, controls and our ongoing concern for the quality of our products force us every day to face the new challenges of the market and meet the changing needs of customers.

The future

Our vast experience in the domestic and international markets consolidates us as a company with future growth projections.

We have focused our activity almost exclusively to the manufacture of all types of boilers. With such a high level of specialization we aim to become undisputed market leaders.

Experience and quality guaranteed

We fulfill quality standards.

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